Post a little story below. OR comment on someone else’s story. I put in the first one just to “whet your appetite.” What does that mean? Teachers say “If you don’t know, look it up.” Good idea.

TOO LITTLE by Sunny Walker, Age (pretty old – hahaha), USA

Maria Violetta Catherine Louise glimpsed her big brother through the window, horsing around with his friends. They didn’t like her joining them. She was too little.   Everyone called her EmmyVee because she was too little for her real name. She was too little for a lot of things.

  • Too little to ride a bike.
  • Too little to cook.
  • Too little to have a real phone.
  • Too little, too little, too little…

Suddenly, EmmyVee felt herself shrinking, getting VERY, Very, very, very little.

A BIG tear slipped down her little cheek. EmmyVee edges began to melt, until she was lying in one big tear puddle.

Coughing & sputtering, she rolled over and wiped her nose on her sleeve. She sat up, determined to get to the bottom of this. After all, she was too big to feel sorry for herself.

EmmyVee was stumped. Why did everyone else think she was too little? Her feet reached the ground. She looked fine in the mirror. She talked to grownups. She was big enough to know what she wanted to do. Why was she always too little to do it? All this thinking made her brain tired.

“I’m NOT too little!” she shouted, stamping one foot.

 “I can get my own snack,” she muttered, standing on a chair to reach the cookie jar.

“I know how many to eat.” She put one cookie back.

The door slamming as Tommy came in gave her an idea. I can play in the back yard by myself.” EmmyVee peaked into the living room. Tommy was watching cartoons.

“I’m going outside,” she announced, grabbing her tea set and teddy bear.

“Mommy put away my sippy cup and Daddy put the high chair in the attic. I can use a big cup. I can eat at the big table. I wear big girl pants and use the potty. And I’m having a most marvelous tea party!” She was not too little to use big words like “marvelous” either.

“Don’t you think so?” she asked Mr. Bear.

Mr. Bear thought this over. He was a good listener.

“I’m not too little to share. I pick up my toys before bedtime. I’m nice to old Mrs. Jones, even though she’s grumpy and a little scary. I pay attention in church every Sunday. I can dial 911. I’m NOT too little!”

They continued, EmmyVee talking and Mr. Bear listening, until the tea was gone and Mommy was at the back door, calling her in for dinner.

At the table, EmmyVee was rather quiet and sat up straight, not at all her usual fidgety self. Everyone noticed. Finally Daddy said, “EmmyVee, out with it. What’s going on?”

Now that she had everyone’s attention, EmmyVee announced, “I thought and thought and thought and I figured something out today. I did it all by myself. Well, with a little help from Mr. Bear.

“I figured out that I’m not too little. I’m JUST RIGHT!”

And so she was.


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  1. New story – this was challenge to write something different. I chose:

    A Witch’s Spell

    “Bloop, Bloop, add more GOOP! Tee hee!”
    “Oh, fiddlesticks, why does my hat always fall into the brew?”
    “Now I’m likely to get something I didn’t plan on. I knew I should have sent the hat to the cleaners with my cloak, but, being winter, I didn’t want my head to get cold. Brrrrrr. Now I can’t put it back on until I’ve cleaned off this rotten half a spell.”

    “Oh my, how to clean off half a spell? Let’s see…”

    She began thumbing through a throughly splattered and tattered, but quite large, leather-bound book. The title was almost unreadable: Spells for WIT (Witches in Training).

    “Here it is! The cleaning spell. And it’s a simple one. Hold up your broom, look straight at the straw on the end and say “My broom, my broom, clean this room!”

    She followed the instructions perfectly. The broom moved to the corner of the room and began sweeping, stirring up a cloud of dust.

    “Wait, wait! Nooooo! Drats! Wrong spell. STOP, PLEASE!”

    When the broom did not stop, she tried saying the spell backwards: “Room this clean, broom my, broom my!” When that didn’t work either, she began to cry. Usually witches don’t cry, but sometimes Witches in Training have been known to shed a few tears over “spilt milk” as the older witches would say.

    Wiping away tears with her long, droopy sleeve, Dotty sniffled a bit and then stuck her rather pointed chin out. They called her Dotty because she often got confused. She’d even looked it up on Google and found this:

    adj. dot·ti·er, dot·ti·est
    1. a. Mentally unbalanced; crazy.
    b. Amusingly eccentric or unconventional.
    c. Ridiculous or absurd: a dotty scheme.
    2. Having a feeble or unsteady gait; shaky.
    3. Obsessively infatuated or enamored.

    Well, she would admit to being obsessive about becoming a GOOD witch. She began again at the book, this time in the Table of Contents:
    “Let’s see, Cleaning Someone’s Clock. No, not that. Clean Out Old Karma. Not that either!”

    Scanning on down, she saw Reversing a Spell. “Aha! I can now get that crazy broom to stop!” By the time she had the broom back in the corner and quiet, she’d quite forgotten about her hat and plunked it on her head. And that’s when the trouble began…

  2. Sunny Book Farm! I LOVE this idea! No time to read stories (yet), but I shall! I shall! I just wanted to give you a HUMUNGOUS HUG OF SUPPORT on this creative-fun-shiny site! What a joy! 🙂 LOVELOVELOVE, ANI

  3. I really liked your forum topic.Much thanks again. Fantastic. Krewson

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