Welcome to the ramblings of an obsessive personality (yes, like the TV character “Monk” who was over the top about some things, I’m over the top about reading, writing, and drawing). I LOVE BOOKS.

Gettin’ in the Groove

6th Jan 2015

Bbbbbrrrrring, bbbbbrrrrrring! 2015 calling! It’s a new year for all of us. What will you do with it? Or more to the point, what will you read and what will you write and what will you share with the rest […]

Readers Recommend

18th Sep 2014

If you’ve read a book that you would categorize as “one of the best books ever,” recommend it in the comment section with one sentence about WHY you love it so much. I’ve put in a book I love as […]


17th Sep 2014

The “why” of it all It’s true. I’ve always been a bit shy. On the other hand, I DO have opinions! I started this website as part of a project for the Landmark Education course: Self Expression and Leadership Program. It was […]

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